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Meet alternative people such as metalheads, gothics, alternatives, otakus & gamers - 100% free

Welcome to! is a 100% free dating and community service dedicated to all alternative people: Be it metelheads, gothics, otakus, pagans/witches and more!

We encourage a friendly and welcoming athmosphere, supporting and welcoming LGBTAQ+ people, too! No intolerance, hatred or any other hostile behaviour is allowed.

This service is 100% free of charge with no limitations! You can meet as many people as you like, granted that they also want to get to know you. Therefore you can give other people "likes". If they like you back then you can exchange messages to each other.

Please note that for legal reasons you need to be 18+ years old in order to use our service.

If you have any questions or need support, please drop us a mail to our support mail.

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